The company

KnowGo is a software and services company.
Software: The company markets the product “KnowGo Process Platform”, which is a workflow product.
Services: IT solutions in the area of workflow, where customers buy the product and in addition buy the customization and the solution project based on applying the product to model and execute the customer’s processes.

We sell our software and services through partners, and we encourage the partners to take as much of the service revenue as possible, enabled by our training program.

The headquarter and development team are located in Mauritius. KnowGo has a sales subsidiary in Europe’s “silicon valley”, Sophia Antipolis in France.

Kaare Nørgaard founded the company in Mauritius after 9 years of experience building the Danish software company Resultmaker. The first solutions delivered by KnowGo were based on the workflow product supplied by Resultmaker.
Brian Bramsted joined as partner in April 2010. Brian had previously run a software company in Mauritius for 3 years. Brian and Kaare together have experience with building software companies and with advanced software development applied to customer processes.
Christian Drejøe joined as partner in March 2011 and is our representative in Denmark. Christian has a career as sales manager of business solutions, and was for several years in Resultmaker with Kaare.