Student admission systems

There was no online application and admission system interface for international students – requiring an integrated process for application, course selection, and the corresponding approval process

KnowGo did
KnowGo designed a data model and then generated a two layer solution directly from the data model

  • Process Layer for the individual students (forms and intelligent workflow)
  • Data Layer for the case workers – with auto-generated web interface

Furthermore a two way integration with the legacy Oracle based administration system of the business school was put in place.

The solutions feature

  • Rule based process, invoked by the categorization of the student
  • Automatic deduction of categorization based on course history
  • Automatic categorization based on student’s university, its country, student’s nationality
  • Integration of payment logic (fees and tuition)
  • Handling of required documentation
  • Automated status notification via e-mail at every event keeps students fully informed of progress and offers them a link to resume the process at any time

These solutions have releaved admin workers of a huge workload while presenting an integrated admission process with status info for the students, so that the students get an up-to-the-minute tracking of their interaction with the business school before and during their studies there.