HR Solutions

The business school had no online, self service flow for hiring people. A lot of administrative time was spent on exchanging forms and information internally for each administrative and scientific person hired by the business school.
One of the challenges was the necessity to gather a signature to record the approval to hire the new person – and no electronic signature was in use in the business school. A new HR system was being put in place while the solution was developed.

KnowGo did
KnowGo designed a signature based on

  • A sign-in to the Active Directory, followed by immediate
  • Look-up to verify the authenticity of the person
  • Submission to an audit trail log of the exact data that had just been presented at the moment of “signing”

Thereby the rules of electronic signature would be followed with a very simple solution while recording enough to being able to prove the signature as well as what was signed. KnowGo then designed a data model and then generated a two layer solution directly from the data model
  • Process Layer for the individual students (forms and intelligent workflow)
  • Data Layer for the case workers – with auto-generated web interface

The data layer was supplemented by an e-mail integration with the HR staff who then as a result of the parallel project to implement an HR system had to transfer the contents of the e-mail to the new HR system.

This solution significantly eased the process of hiring staff in the many departments and institutions of the Business School

  • The overall workload of the many institutes as well as the central HR department has been lowered
  • The time it takes to carry out the administrative steps is significantly reduced, and the approver may not even have to be in the business school, the electronic “signature” just requires an Internet connection.